The body is not just comprised of individual organs, tissues, and glands but 9 systems that work together much like a Swiss watch. When one part is broken or not functioning well, it affects the rest of the body.

In this one-day course you will learn: 
1. The nine body systems and how they are affected by disorder
2. Each system works together consisting of many components.
3. The function of each system.
4. How nutrition affects the performance of each of the 9 systems.
5. The importance of an organic plant-based diet.
6. Herbs are for healing, rejuvenating and rebuilding.
7. Which herbs are used in each of the 9 body systems.
8. An in-depth training on individual herbs.
9. Herbs and their function
10. Which herbs are recommended for the best function of the systems.
11. problems that can go wrong with each system
12. How to discover the root problems based on symptoms.
13. Complete study manual for study and future reference.

Remember! It’s one thing to discover the problem but we teach you to use herbs, minerals, vitamins, and nutrition in each of these areas of concern.