During our 3-day Microscopy Certification course, you will learn how to read live blood samples, identify health concerns, and correlate these findings with herbal health solutions. 

Areas of study include:
1. History of Live Blood
2. How to assess Darkfield
3. How to assess Lightfield
4. How to assess Dry blood. These are the 3 aspects/phases of studying live blood
5. How to evaluate the health of red blood cells
6. How to determine the health of the white cells
7. Discovering some of the common types of anomalies in the plasma
8. How microbes act and communicate with intelligence
9. Learn about fungus, yeast, bacteria, and parasites
10. You'll get a personal evaluation with your own blood
11. How to take blood samples correctly
12. Going over the parts of the microscope and their use
13. Course materials and manual

The course material covers two days. On the third day you will learn to be hands-on with your own microscope and the software. We want to make sure you are absolutely comfortable with your equipment before you leave.

We have made this course so simple that for each of the anomalies that you discover, (all pictures), we have provided 1. A description 2. Cause 3. Herbal solutions.

At the end of the course, you will be given homework and tests to fill and complete. You will receive a certificate of completion when you have passed the test and homework.

Remember we are your teachers and mentors and so the course does not finish when you leave. That's only the beginning. We will be on hand to help you with your equipment, assessments, evaluations and with choosing the right herbal combinations for healthy results. Your success will be determined by how well and quickly your patient improves. Word of mouth is very powerful.