I received all of my certifications as a natural health practitioner through one on one training with Yvonne Dollard & Ben perc.

I highly recommend these programs to anyone wanting to further their own personal knowledge or career in natural health.

The learning is very fast paced, fun, exciting and applicable. I enjoyed every course!

-Ariel Jarvis 
The class I took was so refreshing. It gave me a better appreciation for good inner body health. The health classes that I’ve taken before, focused on the outside body health. This class focuses on looking at your health from the inside out. The principles taught help better understand the importance of good health.

I strongly encourage taking this Visceral Manipulation class to better understand your body and ways to connect with your body in a healthy way. I’ve been applying some of the principles but look forward to applying more of them going forward.

~David Croutworst
The Herbs, Nutrition and Body Systems course I took was outstanding! It opened my eyes to many of the "myths" I had from traditional Western Medicine. It also gave me a better perspective of the root causes in the body and how to "fix" and maintain the body!

It was very informative and gave lots of useful everyday applications.
The workbook  I was given has been used many times as a reference guide to helping others in exploring their own unique health issues.

I highly recommend anyone who has an interest in learning more about the core body functions and the relationship with herbal remedies,  you will be very happy you spent the time to learn from Ben and Yvonne

~Mike Bagger