Marine Phytoplankton Offers an Incredible Wealth of Nutrients in a Safe, Bioavailable Manner

Two growing problems are facing our food supply and the environment we live in. Decreasing nutrient levels in our foods combine with increased levels of toxins in our world. The question of how to increase nutrient levels in our diets while reducing exposure to toxins is a problem we all face.

Worldwide depletion of nutrients in soils reduces the availability of many essential nutrients, trace elements and organic compounds essential for human health. Chemical fertilizer and pesticide use has come under increasing scrutiny by environmental scientists due to concerns over food toxicity and increased growth rates at the expense of nutrient content.

An exciting new development in natural health care is drawing increased attention. Well suited to addressing the modern challenges of increased environmental toxicity and nutrient depletion with potential relevance to increased chronic health complaints, Alpha CMP3 Marine Phytoplankton offers a wide range of potential values for human health. Filled with a vast range of nutrients, Marine Phytoplankton is the source of primary productivity for the Earth's oceans and the underlying food source for fish, invertebrates and even Blue Whales, Earth's largest animal. 

Best in Health
Phytoplankton contains a vast range of proteins, minerals, fatty compounds and chlorophyll , among other compounds that teem with nutrients.  Being low on the food chain, Marine Phytoplankton is also free of the toxicity that accompanies larger life forms and nutrient sources such as fish or even meat based dietary components.

Alpha CMP3 Marine Phytoplankton contains a unique combination of plant based minerals, cellular fibers, essential fatty acids, trace elements, proteins and amino acids. Marine phytoplankton is unique because it is a complete food that offers an incredible range of complete nutrients as the baseline item in the marine food chain. By exploiting nutrients sourced directly from the ocean through phytoplankton use, soil content depletion can be bypassed!

There is an additional factor that puts marine phytoplankton in the elite tier of safety as well as nutrient value. Being so low on the food chain prevents bioaccumulation and biomagnification.  

Benefits of Marine Phytoplankton
Ecologists have long warned about the human health benefits of eating lower on the food chain due to rising levels of pollution. As organisms feed on other organisms, toxins accumulate in their bodies. As one progresses to higher ranking species in a food web, increasing levels of toxins are found due to higher exposure levels. Marine Phytoplankton is the most basic form of life one can find. With such a low rank, the plankton has extremely limited levels of toxin accumulation while magnification through the food web is next to zero.

Lacking gathering adaptations such as an aquatic lifestyle or filter feeding long prevented humans from ever gathering and consuming marine phytoplankton, but we are just as capable of utilizing the ageless benefits of this natural resource through modern advancement and a recent innovation in health care products. How nutrients are delivered must be a key consideration in addressing health and wellness concerns. 

Formulated from plankton harvested in Nanaimo by marine farmer Tom Harper, Alpha CMP3 Marine Phytoplankton available through Island Healthworks apply a patented process that makes the nutrients in Alpha CMP3 Marine Phytoplankton bioavailable to humans. 100 milligrams of phytoplankton is delivered through each serving, allowing you to gain the benefits of this nutrient rich natural resource as the ingredients absorb through the mouth.

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There are other products with Marine Phytoplankton that still contain the protective silica wrap found in these microorganisms, which are not effectively assimilated by the human body. Vancouver Island based Marine Engineer Tom Harper has developed a patent pending process that actually breaks the silica shell and makes the nutrients biologically available to humans. 

Not all Plankton Supplements are the Same

Not just any marine phytoplankton is recommended by Island Healthworks. Humans need the nutrients in marine phytoplankton, an optimal potential food source, but we are not adapted to extract the nutrients form the hard cell walls in each phytoplankton organism. The hard silica coating cannot be digested by a species lacking the enzyme silicase.

Vancouver Island based Marine Engineer Tom Harper has developed a patent pending process that actually breaks the silica shell and makes the nutrients biologically available to humans (not all products that claim to contain marine phytoplankton actually have it). People may confuse regular algae with the true microscopic super food, Alpha CMP3 Marine Phytoplankton. There are also some products with Marine Phytoplankton that still contain the protective silica wrap found in these microorganisms, and therefore are not effectively assimilated by the human body.


Tom Harper's Testimonial

We are pleased to present this video by Nanaimo based aquaculturist Tom Harper on his personal experience with Marine Phytoplankton and his health and recovery story. 

Tom attributes his improved health conditions to Alpha CMP3 Marine Phytoplankton's use.

Alpha CMP3 Marine Phytoplankton is offered in a newly bioavailable form that may offer a wide range of potential areas of interest for those seeking natural health care and nutritional approaches.