Phone consultations begin with our Body Systems Questionnaire. This analysis has been tested by thousands of clients from all over the world and is the closest to your health evaluation without being in the clinic.

Take Our Free Health Assessment

As an Island Healthworks Member, you are eligible for a FREE virtual health assessment and an individualized health care program & lifestyle plan with up to 20% off recommended herbal supplements.

1. Check off all boxes across each of the categories that apply to you.
2. Total the checks in each of the 9 body system columns at the bottom. This will help us determine which body systems need attention and how to develop a personal program just for you.
3. Save this to your computer and email it back to us at [email protected]
4. We will call you to book your FREE 10 minute consultation to discuss your assessment results.

Click on the evaluation form image here to open the pdf. You can fill it out online, save it to your computer and email it back to us.